Ways to Celebrate the “Trick” rather than the Treat” this Halloween

Celebrate the "Trick" rather than the "Treat"

It is a healthier option to focus on Halloween activities rather than food treats - plus, it includes kids with food allergies!

  • Have a spider scavenger hunt! Let the kids know that the spiders have escaped around the room and their help is needed to get them back to their web!
  • Keep things silly and spooky with a game of Graveyard.
  • Bring out the toilet paper! Have the children race to see who can make a mummy. Have the kids wrap a willing participant, maybe even an adult, with toilet paper until they are completely mummified.

  • Crayola has some great FREE resources on their website including Halloween bingo, coloring pages, activities, and games
  • The scary witch has turned our “hot potato” into a “pumpkin” – pass the pumpkin around to the music, just make sure you’re not holding it when the music stops!

Non-food treat ideas

  • Mini notebooks or coloring books with a small pack of crayons.
  • Fun fidget or sensory toys like a slinky or stretchy string.

  • Keep the festivities going as the sun goes down with glow sticks or glow in the dark wrist bands – easily found at most dollar stores
  • Halloween themed party favors like stickers, temporary tattoos, puzzle cubes, hair ties, noisemakers and more!