Me Day snacks

By Alyssa Gallano

You work hard and deserve a nice, long break. Your day can be as grand or as simple as you like but what’s a Me Day without snacks? Grab a seat and flip your TV on. Here’s a few go-to snacks for your next Me Day:

1. Jerky

Jerky is not only a Me Day special but a daily staple. You can easily pair jerky with other comfort food recipes like stews, soups, and pizza.

Alaska has some of the wildest jerky varieties – from the original beef jerky to the Alaskan specialty, salmon jerky. There are endless ways to change up this Alaskan favorite into your go-to Me Day snack. It’s hard to get bored with all the variety!

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2. Reindeer hotdog

Reindeer dog – a definite crowd favorite. You can grab one of these anywhere but they’re just as easy to make at home.

This Me Day classic speaks to the Alaskan wild side – wild game that is. Reindeer dogs are made from a combination of caribou, pork, and beef then topped with cola-grilled onions all tucked in a steamed bun.

Reindeer dogs are a comfort food and a Me Day treat rolled into one.

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3. Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska starts with a pre-baked cake base, ice cream, and an airy meringue topping. Blow torch the meringue to get that perfectly brown, out-of-the-oven look.

You can even change the base to a pound cake or sponge cake or add two or three ice cream flavors in the middle.

However you want to dress up your Baked Alaska, this Me Day dessert is guaranteed delicious.

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4. Ice cream

Cold, creamy, and the best companion to an all-day movie binge: ice cream.

Scoop ice cream – by the heaping spoonful – into a bowl and dress it up with berries, chocolate sauce – anything.

If you’re more the movies-under-the-blanket type, you can’t go wrong with an ice cream bar or ice cream sandwich.

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5. Chocolate

Chocolate – easily the simplest Me Day snack and one of the most versatile.

A single milk chocolate bar could be a s’mores sandwich, cookie or dip. If you don’t feel like baking, you can always eat it on its own!

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