Staying Healthy

By Alyssa Gallano

Our everyday lives can get very busy. It’s easy to put our health on the sidelines for other things. Paying attention to your health doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are four ways to keep your mind and body healthy:

1. Spend time in nature

Take a look at the nature around you. For so many of us, stepping out into nature helps clear our minds.

Aside from top attractions like Ellesmere Island and Pond Inlet, stargazing and Northern Lights tours are also popular.

If you think you’ve seen it all, you can always change the scenery.

2. Stargazing

Sometimes, we forget there we are tiny dots in a solar system of massive planets and stars.

With its pitch-black sky, Alaska’s nighttime is a stargazer’s dream. Watching the stars twinkle while breathing in the fresh air around you can help ease your mind.

3. Have a good relationship with food

Your body is your temple – at least it should be. Diets, how our body absorbs energy, and fruits and vegetables’ health benefits are very complex. Understanding how food fuels you can help you gain a deeper appreciation for food.

Start by eating as clean as you can and focusing on nutrient-rich foods available in your area.

4. Make working out a habit


Working out can be fun – if you make a habit of it. Start off small and work out a few times a week instead of every day. Your workouts can be as simple as walking your dog or taking the long way home.

Remember, any way to your heart pumping counts as a workout, so get a move on!