Alaska Commercial Company to Open 35th Store in Remote Alaska on Dec.9

ANCHORAGE – Alaska Commercial Company (AC) announced today that the company has acquired Bayview General Store in Toksook Bay, AK. “We are proud of AC’s legacy serving Alaska since 1867 and we look forward to serving the Toksook Bay community,” said AC’s President Kyle Hill. “With the acquisition of this store, AC now operates 35 grocery and general merchandise stores in rural Alaskan communities throughout the state,” said Hill.

Bayview General Store’s current location was built by Alexie Jimmie in 2015. He and his family have operated a grocery store in Toksook Bay since 1999. “AC plans to carry on the Jimmie family legacy of serving the community by expanding the store,” Hill said.

“AC is making a substantial investment in the store by installing new store fixtures, new refrigeration, new computer systems, and increasing space for more products,” added Hill. “AC Toksook Bay will offer an expanded selection of groceries and fresh foods that customers may not have been able to purchase locally,” Hill said.

AC Toksook Bay will celebrate its grand opening at 10 AM on December 9th with special sales and gift card giveaways. Store hours will be 10 AM – 7 PM, Monday through Saturday, and 12 noon – 4 PM on Sunday. The store will accept SNAP at the opening and WIC in the near future.

“We are excited to announce that AC Toksook Bay will be managed by Torrin McCambridge, who has worked for AC for 10 years,” said AC Vice President Walter Pickett. “Torrin most recently managed AC’s store in Pilot Station where he did an outstanding job,” Pickett added. “Torrin has relocated to Toksook Bay and looks forward to meeting customers when the store opens on Dec. 9th.” AC is one of Alaska’s oldest companies and largest employers. More than 1,000 employees work in the company’s 35 stores throughout Alaska, in its corporate offices, and in warehouses in Anchorage and Tacoma, WA. For more information about Alaska Commercial Company, please visit