Sponsorships & Donations

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Terms & Conditions

Proposals and requests that promote and enhance the company's priority causes are assessed on an individual basis. They should represent opportunities for positive exposure and promotion of the Alaska Commercial Company brand and its banners.

Requests for sponsorship are usually forwarded to the Corporate Donations Committee or local store(s) serving the community where the event will take place. It is Alaska Commercial Company policy that our stores support local causes and programs as an active member of the communities we serve.

An Application for Sponsorship form must be completed and submitted for consideration. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for review and assessment. If you are submitting your application in person at a store within your community, simply print out the form and submit it to your local store manager's attention. Requests must be submitted at least six months prior to the date of the event to be considered.

Alaska Commercial Company recognizes the value and importance of all requests. Unfortunately, we cannot participate in every opportunity. We thank you in advance for your consideration of The North West Company. Requests can also be e-mailed to communitysupport@northwest.ca.